Most of the world’s economy is built and driven by fossil fuels, fuels that add poison to the environment, and slowly transforming earth into a disaster. We have all heard of global warming and the greenhouse effect. The good news is that solutions are there— they have always been there—only that people opted for the easy way out.

As much as petrol and other fuel using machines are getting better and efficient, their contribution to global warming is not worth it, no matter how small. It is for this reason that we all need to focus on and embrace renewable energy. In today’s post, we will be discussing renewable energy and look at the benefits it has to offer.

What is renewable energy renewable energy

If you have no idea what renewable energy is, then worry no more. Renewable energy is the kind of energy that can be used without being depleted. Unlike petrol and diesel, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and water are much better—particularly because they cannot be exhausted.

What are the benefits of renewable energy

Better for the environment

The first and most important benefit of renewable energy is that it is good for the environment. This energy doesn’t pollute the environment since it doesn’t release any toxins. If we want to save the world and all that lives in it, then we should embrace this form of energy.

Better for human health

Various health conditions have been linked to fuel bay products. For instance, the smoke from a kerosene lamp can cause eye problems, or even the exhaust smoke from a car can cause breathing complications. Renewable energy is much better in that it doesn’t have any harmful effects on the human health.


Most renewable energy is already available, waiting to be harvested. For instance, to make electricity, all you need is to get a solar panel or install a windmill. There is no need to process raw materials.

Not exhaustive

It is common knowledge that fossil fuels are exhaustible. This means that after a while, oil wells get exhausted, and at the rate we are consuming fuels, it will not take that long before we exhaust all that fuel.

Promotes independence

It is a known fact that countries that have fossil  renewable energyfuel are riddled with conflict. This is because everyone wants a piece of the profits without having to work for it. With renewable energy, it is impossible for one entity to control it. Imagine a particular faction trying to control the sun.